DTG printer:

Double workstation, High accuracy printing, White and color printing at the same time, Vivid image, Automatic alarm, High stability, Full coverage safety masks
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DTG printer: DTG-PRO‖
Product description
DTG printing is the process by which a custom design is printed directly onto a garment without the use of a special transfer sheet.
Why choose Vango DTG-PRO 2?
1. Double station operation, faster and more convenient
2. 3 Pcs I3200 A1 printhead, with high accuracy printing and stable performance
3. Direct injection technology, high degree of pattern reduction
4. Intelligent alarm cartridge, Full-coverage safety masks
5.Smaller in size, save your space
6. With One-year warranty, worry-free after sale
7.Integrated action buttons,More stylish and easier to operate.
Printing steps
Start by coating your garment with pre-treat liquid.
Press your garment with a heat press to dissolve the pre-treat and flatten your garment.
Insert your garment into your DTG machine and press print.
Cure your design with a heat press to make sure the ink binds to your fabric.
DTG printing gives you the freedom to print garments without the need for special transfer film.
Not only does this save you in time and material costs, but it also allows you to print larger or awkwardly shaped designs.
Since the ink also binds directly to your fabric, DTG printed designs have a much smoother finish and will last much longer than designs that are heat transferred.
Lastly, DTG printing’s speed and efficiency make it an ideal choice for completing large bulk orders.
Print width 370*420mm
Printhead  I3200 A1*3
Board senyang
Software PowerPlotter7
Printing Accuracy 2400dpi
Printing Color CMYK+W
Ink Pigment ink
Print speed white T-shirt 60pcs/h
color T-shirt  30pcs/h
Operating system WIN7/10 64bit
Operating environment Tem 20℃-28℃,Humidity 40-60%
Power AC220/110V. 50HZ'60HZ
Graphic format  Tiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf,Png,AI,Psd
Dimensions(L*W*H) 190*135*87cm
Weight(NW) 252kg
Weight(GW) 290KG
Multiple Applications of DTG Printer
Customize anything! More than Just T-Shirts, Jeans, sweatshirts, koozies, Hats, golf towels, socks, masks, canvas shoes, jackets, sleeves, children’s clothes, canvas, cushion covers, Hoodies, backpacks, and Sweaters. Without limits.
Suitable for almost all types of fabrics. It works on both white and dark textiles.
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