Epson S3200 8/12 Heads Sublimation Printer
Epson S3200 8/12 Heads Sublimation Printer
Epson S3200 8/12 Heads Sublimation Printer

Sublimation printer:
Epson S3200 8/12 Heads Sublimation Printer

Product introductionEpson S3200 head, Adaptive paper roller, Carriage anti-collision device, THK bidirectional silent guide rail,5L large capacity ink box.
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Sublimation printer: Epson S3200 8/12 Heads Sublimation Printer
Japan Fuji Servo take up system
Industrial grade heavy industrial frame, high speed retractable after retractable,roll-to-roll heat transfer printing machine.
China’s high precision linear motor left and right movement system,driving the nozzle movement.
Guide rail quiet THK(metal grating) with stepper motor more accurate paper walking.
Industrial Grade Epson 8 or 12 S3200-A1 double channel ink circulation nozzles, color 4/6 optional.
Both sides of the wall plate is 16mm carbon steel. After high temperature quenching, to ensure the rigidity and toughness of the machine, not easy to deformation.
The whole system is equipped with standard DEGAS, which can be degassed more thoroughly with independent circulating ink path system to reduce the problem of broken needle due to bubble.
Automatic moisturizing ink scraping device system, which can lift the moisturizing tank to ensure the safety of the nozzle.
Integrated finishing printing platform to ensure the accuracy of printing platform. Cooperate with automatic suction system.
Roll and unwind expansion roller, brush roller design, to solve the problem of paper wrinkles.
Independent automatic constant temperature hot air drying system. Paper shortage, automatic shutdown function.
10L large capacity ink barrel and lack of ink monitoring, lack of paper, lack of ink automatic stop alarm function, realize unattended
Automatic man-machine interface control system. Human-computer interaction is more direct and convenient.
Support the integrated 3K and 10,000 meters winding and unwinding frame. The whole system is equipped with high power servo motor and high strength high precision reducer. Longer service life, more stable.
Epson S3200 head
Epson S3200 head
Four Epson S3200 heads ink drop minimum 5PL.Daily production of 10,000 meters,lower printing cost,Faster printing
Adaptive paper roller
Adaptive paper roller
Multiple damping roller press paper, strictly control the paper speed, so that the paper more smooth, more stable printing
Carriage anti-collision device
Carriage anti-collision device
Carriage anti-collision device, fully protect the printhead, when the carriage running, to provide safer protection to the sprinkler head, reduce unnecessary losses.
THK bidirectional silent guide rail
THK bidirectional silent guide rail
The imported THK technology greatly reduces the friction between the trolley and the guide rail, the trolley moves more smoothly and reduces the noise.
5L large capacity ink box
5L large capacity ink box
200ML capacity cartridge, with 5L large capacity ink barrel, Ensure the continuous supply of ink printing. Achieve a daily output of 10,000 meters.
Expansion shaft paper receiving system
Expansion shaft paper receiving system
Automatic retracting system, realize the retracting immediately, ensure the continuous production, automatically retracting the printed pattern.
Name High Speed S3200 Industrial Sublimation
Print Speed High Quality Model:700sqm/h
High Speed Model:420sqm/h
Printhead qty 12pcs S3200
Applicable printing color 6 color
Printing width 1.9M
Take up system Fuji Servo motor
RIP software Photoprint/Maintop
Ink Type Sublimation ink/pigment/reactive
Applicable media Subli paper/melamine-formaldehyde papers/film/wallpaper
Power Supply 220±5%,16A,50Hz
Humidity 45-75%RH, Non-Condesing
Temperature 20-30℃
Dimension(L*W*H) 3942*1978*2254MM
Gross Weight 3000kg

Print heads:Epson S3200
Configuration Pass Quality momdule(m2/h) Speed module (m2/h)
  1. heads, 4-color
   12-heads, 6-color
1 550 700
2 300 420
4 170 240
8-heads, 8-color 1 300 420
2 170 240
Multiple Applications of Sublimation printer
Customize anything! More than Just T-Shirts, Jeans, sweatshirts, koozies, Hats, golf towels, socks, masks, canvas shoes, jackets, sleeves, children’s clothes, canvas, cushion covers, Hoodies, backpacks, and Sweaters. Without limits.
Suitable for almost all types of fabrics. It works on both white and dark textiles.
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