UV DTF printer:

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UV DTF printer: VG-650
Pneumatically lift up and down roller.
Independently R&D silicon roller with better flexibility & longer life
Heating to 60ºC to avoid bubble thoroughly.
High efficiency and high yield of laminating, whole film of 50m don't bevel.
Model Number VG-650
Nominal Voltage 110/220v
Power 90w
Heating Power 1500w
Frequency Respons 50HZ-60HZ
Operating Respons 0℃-60℃
Scope of Suitable Film Thickness 10-250um
Warm-up Time 0-10/Min
Laminating width <=600mm
Laminating speed 0-13m/min
Laminating Thickness 28mm
Speed Gear Controling Variable
Maximum roll film OD 200MM
The diamerer specification of Roll film 3 inches
The raise height of roller 30mm
Method of roller up-down Pneumatic
Automatically uncovering film androlling body paper equipment linkage
Foot-propelled switch Yes
Diameter of roller 130mm
Weight 210kg
Product Size 970*570*1240(mm)
Packing Size 1020*620*780(mm)
Multiple Applications of UV Printer
Customize anything! More than Just T-Shirts, Jeans, sweatshirts, koozies, Hats, golf towels, socks, masks, canvas shoes, jackets, sleeves, children’s clothes, canvas, cushion covers, Hoodies, backpacks, and Sweaters. Without limits.
Suitable for almost all types of fabrics. It works on both white and dark textiles. No pre-treatment is required.
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