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Top 10 DTG Printers in 2022 with Price for T-shirts Print Business

Date: 2023-01-17
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With the advancement of technology and the need for more detailed and complicated prints on t-shirts, the print industry has moved from traditional screen printing and embroidery to more digital direct-to-garment printing.
Although the popularity of screen printing and embroidery is not going out of style, the DTG printing industry, on the other hand, DTG Printers sale is growing higher for its fast delivery and printing of high-quality artworks.
What is the best DTG printing machine? Today, the best DTG printer on the market is the M&R Maverick, which costs around $70,000. It produces some of the lowest cost per print in the industry with high-quality print on t-shirts & apparel. The second best is the Vango DTG PROII printer, which costs $15000 onwards. A professional industrial-grade DTG printing machine can cost between $10,000 to $70,000. Moreover, as we know the DTG printer price differs as per its type, quality, manufacturing & more.
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