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Let's learn about the 3D crystal sticker production process

Date: 2023-03-20
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In this era of DIY personalized customization, ordinary screen printing products can no longer meet the needs of consumers. The popular crystal logo in 2021 is on the rise, and there are still many blank international markets. Next, let's learn about the craftsmanship of crystal logos.


First of all, the process of crystal standard is divided into three types, screen printing glue, nozzle printing glue, and AB film process.


First: it is the screen printing glue process. It requires a series of cumbersome processes such as film production, screen opening, and printing sets. It takes about half a day to make an A3 size screen. Different pictures have to open different screen versions, and the cost of labor time is relatively high.


Second: digital glue technology. That is, the direct-injection glue process that everyone asks the most. The machine successively prints glue, white ink, color ink, and varnish coating. Hstar provides a variety of crystal sticker printer with different configurations for you to choose. Our crystal sticker printer have the advantages of fast printing speed and low cost of consumables, which are deeply loved by customers and are the future trend.


Third: AB film process. To use the original UV printer with white, color, and varnish nozzles, special film paper and ink solutions, you need to purchase an A-size thermal lamination film. This film saves the time and cost of opening the screen, but the cost of the film is relatively high.


The crystal logo can be transferred to almost most of the common material packaging on the market, so it has a wide range of applications. All walks of life can use the crystal logo to customize their own logos. Compared with traditional printing that requires a certain amount of work, start with one. The crystal label market has unlimited development potential. In the next few years, the low cost and flexibility of the crystal standard will definitely appear in your sight in various ways, and the cake will get bigger and bigger. When you are still questioning the price of a small UV machine for a copier, others have already fancy it. Print, and earn a lot of money. are you ready?

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