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What are the advantages and disadvantages of DTF printing machine?

Date: 2023-03-20
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DTF Printing Machine is the product of the times being updated and the technology being advanced. Printing technology is constantly iteratively updated. The recent screen printing still has a place in the market. Nowadays, various printing techniques have sprung up, and various technologies have shined in the printing market. In the past two years, DTF Printing Machine has been in the market with boundless glory. Many people will have questions. Why can DTF Printing Machine develop so rapidly and what are its advantages? Are there no shortcomings?

DTF Printing Machine is a printing method in thermal transfer, and another printing method is sublimation transfer.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing thermal transfer for clothing customization?

One is sublimation transfer printing, and the other is thermal transfer printing. The two printing methods are also different and their characteristics are also different. Below we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various printing methods.

 1.Sublimation heat transfer

Simply put, at least one dye-sublimation printer is required. The dye is printed on a specific paper by a machine, and then the pattern on the paper is transferred to the cloth through high temperature and high pressure, and the sublimation transfer printing method is also different.


(1) The advantages of gravure printing machines for printing disperse dyes are low cost, the printed patterns are very delicate and layered, suitable for mass customization, but the disadvantage is that the cost of plate making is high. During the current epidemic, many people who need to start their own businesses to undertake small batch orders are not suitable for this option.

(2) The offset printing machine prints the offset printing sublimation ink, and the printer prints the sublimation ink. After it is air-dried naturally, use this decal paper to transfer to the fabric to be printed. Advantages: Suitable for printing small-batch products. Disadvantages: It is difficult to control the color depth after printing. Although it is suitable for small batch orders, the printing quality is difficult to control, so it is recommended not to use this printing method.

(3) Advantages of digital thermal transfer: the most delicate patterns, strong layering, and unusually full patterns. Disadvantages: The high cost of printing ink and paper is only suitable for small batch customization. This is very suitable for small entrepreneurs with a clear market positioning or people who have been in the clothing customization industry for a long time.

(4) Silk-screen sublimation ink. This transfer printing method has a low cost of plate making, and the sublimation ink is not expensive. Because the printing plate is a silk-screen plate, burrs are generated in the edge trading of the pattern. This kind of printing will make customers feel that the finished product has a cheap feel, which may lead to poor sales.

  2. DTF heat transfer

This printing method requires a DTF Printing Machine. First, the design pattern is printed on the PET film by the printer through the computer, and then heated and dried by the hot melt powder. Finally, a hot press is used to “print” the pattern on the surface of the garment. Advantages of DTF Printing Machine: low design cost, full printing pattern, and beautiful color. It is washable, stretchable, printable without white borders, and impervious to the bottom. Disadvantages: The air permeability after transfer to the garment is not as good as digital direct injection, and the hand feel is not as soft as sublimation thermal transfer.


But the DTF Printing Machine is like the tattoo stickers that I played with when I was a child. It transfers the pattern printed on the heat transfer paper to the clothes at high temperatures. This DTF Printing Machine printing is not like screen printing, which needs to be opened for each color, multiple colors can be printed at the same time, and the bottom shirt is not affected. It is very suitable for patterns with rich colors, gradient colors, and small areas. The printing is slightly gluey, airtight, not suitable for large-area printing.

DTG Printing Machine printing features, very suitable for patterns with rich colors or gradient colors. DTG Printing Machine also does not need to print, and the minimum order requirement is low. However, the color of the bottom shirt is best to be white or light. The printing looks like nothing and has good air permeability; if the dark bottom shirt needs to be reinforced with color paint, the printing will have a slight gel texture. It is most suitable for plain and short-haired pure cotton bottom shirt material.

Affected by the CMYK color printing mode, the actual printing effect is darker than the design artwork. Therefore, when designing a pattern, pay attention to adjusting the color.

Embroidery printing features, using thread to substitute pen, through the overlapping and staggering of embroidery thread, presents a pattern effect with traditional charm. Support all colors. In order to achieve the desired effect, a minimum of 1 square centimeter for Chinese characters, a minimum of 0.5 square centimeters for English letters, a thinner line of 1.5 mm, and a maximum of 4-8 colors in the pattern.

Screen printing features: Just as sunlight penetrates the gaps between leaves, the unshielded slurry penetrates the delicate mesh and is printed on the clothes. Each color needs to be opened separately. The mesh of the version affects the final effect. The more meshes the mesh, the higher the quality. Different slurries can produce different effects. The water slurries and glue slurries are routinely used. The former is suitable for light-colored bottom shirts.

In summary, do you have a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of using a DTF Printing Machine to customize clothes? So, which one do you want to choose for your customized clothes business? If you want to know more about DTF Printing Machine, please contact us directly, I hope you have gained something and good luck to you!

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